Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine

HPP Tolling service

Hydrofresh HPP provides an HPP tolling service to food manufacturers on a service fee basis. HPP tollers provide expertise in High Pressure Processing technology and equipment allowing producers to focus on creating products their customers will love. Working with a tolling service provider offers more than cost savings benefits compared to purchasing an HPP machine; they can help with formula creation, packaging selection, final distribution and much more.

As an HPP toller,  we provide access to industrial high pressure processing equipment to food and beverage manufacturers alleviating the financil burden of purchasing their own machine. We help a variety of businesses from startups with low product volumes, to mid-size businesses that have higher volumes but may not have their own machine, and even large companies with overflow to meet seasonal demand for their product.

Benefits of working with an HPP toller


Whichever category you may find yourself in, or in between, working with an HPP toller can be the right option for few reasons.


No Capital Investment

A high pressure processing machine can be quite the investment. Working with an HPP tolling service allows you to pay as you go and only for the services you use. This allows for flexibility for seasonal products, and the introduction of new products and new markets.

Quick Start Up

Hydrofresh HPP is an approved toller by JBT Avure HPP which offers its customers access to engineers and food science experts so you can get your product to market as quickly as possible.

No Overhead or Maintenance costs

By using a toller, you only pay for the fixed cost per pound. This eliminates the overhead and maintenance costs associated with owning a high pressure processing machine.

additional services

An HPP toller can also help with value-added benefits and distribution of your product after it has been processed.

JBT Avure HPP’s Food Science Lab

With our partnership, our customers have access to JBT Avure HPP’s in-house food science and chemistry lab, and advanced mirobiology services, ensuring their products retain texture, flavor, and appearance through the high pressure process. 

Value-Add Benefits of working with an HPP Toller Processor


  • General HPP product consulting
  • Co-packing arragement and referrals
  • Regulatory and supply chain consulting
  • Formulation development and alterations
  • Packaging design
  • HACCP integration
  • Laboratory referrals
  • Product and packaging testing


Hydrofresh HPP started their operations in April of 2018 with a JBT Avure HPP AV-40x high pressure processing machine and within a year of operation completed an upgrade to the AV-50x.

The AV series expandable design provides the option to increase capacity over a long weekend, allowing it to incrementally increase from 40 million pounds per year to 70 million pounds without purchasing another machine. This allows us to be flexible and quickly increase available capacity to respond to customer growth.

Other benefits of the AV-X series machines are:

  • Cuts energy costs by 50% – the improved design creates a 50% reduction in energy use compared to other models providing a more environmentally friendly method of food processing
  • Highest throughput – using the industry’s largest and fastest-filling vessel allows more product to be placed into the machine at once, lowering the number of cycles needed to process product

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