Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine

Certifications and Assocations



Your product’s safety is a top priority while handled in our facility, therefore we ensure our food safety certifications are up-to-date, and we continue to add new certifications as we expand. 



Our facility is inspected via USDA & FDA during our 24 hour operation.


Being part of the food production process, we put an emphasis on being Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified. This international standard defines requirements for effective control of food safety.


As a primary supplier to the food and beverage industry, we support our customers by applying the Juice HACCP safety & sanitary processing principles in our facility.

Seafood Haccp

Taking our HACCP certification one step further, we are also Seafood HACCP certified so our customers can feel confident knowing their seafood products are being appropriately handled while in our facility.


Hydrofresh HPP participates in industry associations that promote the use of High Pressure Processing and food safety.



Center for Innovative Food Technology exists to enhance the economic viability of Ohio’s food and agricultural sector through technology, research projects, and job creation. CIFT has been involved with showcasing HPP technology to food processors, and laying the groundwork from which to build this offering.

Cold Pressure Council

The cold pressure council was founded in 2017 and their mission is “To lead, facilitate and promote industry standardization, user education and consumer awareness of High Pressure Processing.” We are an active member in the council by attending annual meetings to continue education for our staff.

Refrigerated Foods Association

All products that undergo High Pressure Processing, must be refrigerated so it fits right in line with our business to be a proud member of the Refrigerated Foods Association. The RFA is an organization of manufacturers and supplies of prepared, refrigerated food products united by a common interest: to advance and safeguard the industry. Since HPP is a great way to ensure product safety, we help to educate about this technology to RFA members.

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