Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine

HPP Use in Wet Salads, Dips, & Soups

Provide a Premium Product with extended shelf life

As the growing demand for healthy, ready to eat meals and sides become more popular, consumers are willing to pay a premium for convenience. Many stores are private labeling products to align their brand with freshness and quality to meet the increased demand and popularity of all natural, preservative-free foods. These products are perceived by the consumer to be of higher quality and therefore can demand premium pricing.

This is where HPP can help the wet salad, dips, and soups category. For classic potato and macaroni salads recipes, most rely on high acidity and chemical preservatives to achieve a desirable shelf life and maintain food safety. HPP is a good application for dips and dressings because it doesn’t require heat and therefore does not cook the fresh ingredients; which can dramatically change the look, taste, and nutrition of the original product.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) enables food manufacturers to remove the chemical preservatives from the recipe and maintain their desired shelf-life and food safety levels. Without HPP, the products might have a short self-life from 2 -14 days, HPP can more than double the shelf life of the product. Because High Pressure Processing is done in the product’s final packaging, products that are susceptible to recontamination or cross contamination because they mix several ingredients coming from different source, are good candidates for HPP.


HPP Use on Avocados

One of the pioneers in the high pressure processing industry was avocados and guacamole! The use of HPP started around 1997 and now is by far the largest volume product that uses HPP to ensure food safety and extend shelf life. Using High Pressure Processing allows avocado products to maintain the freshness of the fruit, extends the shelf life and helps to inactive the enzyme that causes avocados to brown quickly.

This process was instrumental in allowing food manufacturers to expand into new market segments by increasing the shelf life of their product while maintaining food safety requirements. By allowing them to remove chemical preservatives, they now provide a premium avocado based product.

HPP Advantages for Wet Salads, Dips, & Soups

  • Products maintain fresh and just prepared appearance, flavor, and nutrients
  • No added chemical preservatives
  • Extends shelf life
  • Allows manufactureres to create new premium products

Types of Wet Salads, Dips, & Soups

  • Fresh pasta and cooked pasta dishes
  • Fresh salads: chicken & tuna
  • Sauces and marinates
  • Dips: hummus, guacamole, salsa

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