Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine

HPP Use in Raw Pet Food

Increase food safety in raw pet food diets


As raw food diets for pets become increasingly popular, the demand will continue to rise, and markets will expand. With raw food, shelf life becomes a primary concern. This is where High Pressure Processing can help increase shelf life and all pet food producers to expand into new markets. By subjecting the product to ultra high pressure via cold water, the ingredients are not cooked but the pathogens that cause food borne illness are destroyed; all while making the product stay fresh, longer.

The microbiological benefits of the raw ingredients such as meat, fruits, and vegetables remain intact preserving the texture, flavor, and nutrients of the ingredients. Vitamins A, B, C, D and K and micro-nutrients such as calcium, iron potassium and sodium remain stable after the HPP process as well.

The raw pet food industry relies on high pressure processing to achieve the inactivation of Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli which in high doses can make dogs sick; and in smaller amounts can cross contaminate and make their humans sick. The FDA strongly recommends HPP as a food safety intervention step for the raw foods industry. For pets with compromised immune systems, that otherwise may not be able to consume a raw diet, foods processed using HPP provide your customer the option to give their pet raw food without the risk of making them sick.

After the product has gone through the HPP process it can be shipped to a retail store or end consumer as frozen or refrigerated pet food, or it can be sent to a clean room for further processing into biscuits or treats that are freeze dried, heat dried, or kept refrigerated. This process allows producers to develop new products for pet foods that use raw products.

Hydrofresh HPP’s partnership with JBT/Avure


Our Hydrofresh HPP facility, located in Delphos, Ohio, is less than 3 hours away from JBT/Avure, the manufacturer of our high pressure processing machine. Because of our close proximity, we work closely with them to help our customers work through their recipe development and validation studies.

HPP Advantages on Raw Pet Food

  • Inactivates pathogens to keep both pets and humans safe
  • Extended refrigerated shelf-life
  • Provide safe food options for immunocompromised pets who would otherwise not be able to eat a raw diet
  • Preserves the flavor, texture, and nutrients
  • Allows manufacturers to create new premium products

Types of Pet Food for HPP

  • Refrigerated and frozen pet food
  • Biscuits or nuggets that are made from already HPP’d ingredients which can then be freeze dried, heat dried, refrigerated or frozen. 

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