Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine

HPP Use in Juice & Beverages

Premium juice and beverage products with extended shelf life


High Pressure Processing of juices and beverages provides producers the ability to market fresh beverages with an extended shelf life without sacrificing the fresh, just-squeezed appearance, flavor, nutrition, and natural texture of the ingredients. Traditional pasteurization using heat typically changes the taste and destroys vitamins and nutrients in the original ingredients.

Because HPP using pressure and cold water the natural taste and texture of the ingredients in the juice and beverages are left intact creating the highest quality, premium, range of products. During the HPP process spoilage organisms and harmful pathogens, such as yeast and mold, are inactivated.

HPP can achieve the FDA Juice HACCP requirement of a 5 log reduction of microorganisms.

For most juice and beverage products, the flavor and appearance are maintained, and refrigerated shelf life is up to 90 days, but can vary based on the packaging.

During the HPP process, pressure is uniformly applied, so there is no worry about some of your juice or beverages not undergoing the entire process, unlike heat treatment that can be distributed unevenly.  This also provides flexibility in packaging shape that can go through the HPP process. A wide variety of plastic bottles can be used; however, glass, metal, Styrofoam do not withstand the water and/or pressure of the processing.

As with all products that undergo High Pressure Processing, juices and beverages that are processed in their final consumer packaging eliminates the risk for recontamination. The use of bulk bags for beverages allows producers with in-line production to maximize the use of the HPP vessel capacity and then send the final product to the business consumer; such as a smoothie or juice bar.

HPP Advantages on Juice & Beverages

  • Premium quality: HPP preserves the sensory, functional and nutritional properties allowing the products to be natural, organic, and preservative free
  • Increased shelf life: market expansion, introduction of new products, less shrink
  • Brand protection: safely eliminates microorganisms that can cause food borne illness
  • Environmentally friendly: uses cold water and pressure, the filtered water is then re-used in a future cycle

Juice & Beverages Processed by HPP

  • Cold pressed juices
  • Refrigerated fruit juices
  • Vegetable juices & soups
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit based waters
  • Cold brew coffee and teas
  • Broths and stocks

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