Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine

Benefits of HPP

(High Pressure Processing)

HPP is an effective, mainstream process that provides manufacturers the tools to offer a safe, all natural product to their customer – without the damaging effects of heat and chemicals.  Recognized by the FDA and USDA to be a food safety intervention technology, HPP provides another avenue to achieve safety, productivity, and quality for food and beverage manufacturers.

Unlike traditional heat processing, high pressure processing uses cold water and intense pressure so the nutritional and functional properties of the product remain intact. This allows for a natural, organic, preservative free product. HPP promotes the creation of healthier foods which are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants as those properties are not altered during the process.

High Pressure Processing Advantages 

As an HPP Toll Service Provider, our priority is to help our customers reach or exceed their goals for food safety, quality, and taste and brand protection. Utilizing the benefits of High Pressure Processing provides premium products a method to reach those goals.

As consumers preference for natural, fresh, and chemical-free convenience foods continues to grow, HPP offers a a practical solution for meeting the increase in demand.

Companies’ sustainability objectives are supported by the use of High Pressure Processing by reusing clean, processed cold water and decreasing food waste due to extended shelf life.

Safer foods

Food processed by HPP have a longer shelf life and lower chance of spoilage, without the use of preservatives.

Fresh, Natural Taste

HPP destroys listeria and other dangerous pathogens without altering the flavor and texture of the product. 

Retention of nutrients

HPP uses cold pressure which does not damage the natural nutrients of the product like heat pasteurization can. 

Clean Label

HPP allows manufacturers to eliminate chemicals and preservatives while maintaining freshness and taste. 

Extends Shelf Life

An extended shelf life enables manufacturers to reduce their shrink and expand distribution to new markets.

Brand Protection

HPP is done in final packaging, so there is no risk of re-contamination and can prevent costly product recalls. 

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