What is HPP?

Since the 1890’s, scientists have reported that foods subjected to high hydrostatic pressure showed longer shelf life. Modern food scientists have studied the effect of HPP and it is now a well-recognized process for bacteria inactivation.

HPP, High Pressure Processing, or as it is sometimes referred to as High Pressure Pasteurization, is a food pasteurization method that uses cold water and hydrostatic pressure to destroy bacteria and pathogens that can cause food to spoil and food borne illness.

HPP is performed on food and beverage products that are already sealed in their final packages. These packaged products are introduced into a vessel that subjects the food to a high level of isostatic pressure transmitted by cold water where bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella are inactivated. Exposing food to the pressure generated during the HPP process, 87,000 psi, inactivates foodborne pathogens while leaving the natural organoleptic qualities of the food intact. The now pathogen free food will stay fresh longer with an extended shelf life all while maintaining the nutrients and flavor of the product. Because the product underwent HPP in its final packaging, there is no risk of recontamination.

As an alternative to the traditional, thermal, process of pasteurizing food, HPP is an effective and environmentally friendly process that provides food and beverage manufactures a fresher, safer, and clean label product. Additionally, High Pressure Processing is a great option for food safety, quality extension, and a longer shelf-life – without the need for artificial preservatives.

HPP meets the USDA and FDA requirements of a process that is reliable and effective while also meeting consumer demand for clean label products. HPP allows food manufactures to increase their food safety processes and introduce products to new markets because of the extended shelf life.

High Pressure Processing can be used on most air-free, moisture containing products from juices, purees, wet salads, deli-meats, and more. New applications for HPP continue to grow.

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