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What is HPP?

Product coming out of a HPP High Pressure Processing machine

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a food pasteurization method that uses cold temperatures and hydrostatic pressure to destroy bacteria and pathogens that can cause food to spoil and make people sick. HPP is performed on food products that are already sealed in their final packages. These packaged products are introduced into a vessel that subjects the food to a high level of isostatic pressure transmitted by cold water. It is an alternative to the thermal process of pasteurizing food, and it is an effective, environmentally friendly process that provides fresher, safer, clean label products.

Benefits of High Pressure Processing

Safe Foods

Foods packaged using HPP have a longer shelf life and lower chance of spoilage.

Father giving son a glass of orange juice that was High Pressure Processed to extend shelf life.

Fresh, Natural Taste

HPP destroys listeria and other dangerous pathogens without altering the flavor and texture of the food.

Bowl of soup that was High Pressure Processed to give a more fresh natural taste.

Retention of Nutrients

HPP does not use chemicals or preservatives that could affect the food’s natural nutrients.

Avocado can be HPP processed so the nutrients are retained

A Clean Label

HPP allows manufacturers to eliminate chemical and preservatives while maintaining freshness and taste.

Woman looking at ingredient label on product that went through HPP

Reduce Shrink

An extended shelf life enables manufacturers to reduce their shrink along with expand their distribution to a national footprint.

Refrigerator section at grocery store with a wide variety of food products that have b been High Pressure Processed

Brand Protection

HPP can dramatically reduce pathogens and prevent costly brand recall

HPP Processing can reduce pathogens and protect brands from a recall

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