Hydrofresh HPP uses an Avure Technologies High Pressure Processing Machine as an HPP Toll Service Provider

Hydrofresh HPP

High Pressure Processing Toll Service Provider

Now a Part of Universal Pure

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Hydrofresh HPP, now a part of Universal Pure, is a High Pressure Processing service provider located in Delphos, Ohio who provides HPP and cold chain solutions to refrigerated food manufacturers.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique by which food products already sealed in their final packaging are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of hydrostatic pressure transmitted by water. This process provides a natural and environmentally friendly way to provide packaged foods the flavor and nutrient characteristics of the fresh food version.

This process produces a 5-log reduction in salmonella, e coli, and listeria, bacteria that causes food borne illness, while preserving the color, texture, nutrients, and flavor of the product. Because the food is treated in its final packaging, the chance of recontamination is virtually non-existent.

The combined company operates 20 HPP machines across its national, strategic facility footprint of seven locations, which makes it one of the largest users of HPP globally. With Universal Pure’s and Hydrofresh HPP’s partnership, the company’s footprint is located within a truck-day of all major food production hubs in the U.S., yielding an unmatched ability to move food & beverage products across the HPP supply chain.

What is HPP?

HPP, High Pressure Processing or sometimes referred to High Pressure Pasteurization, is a USDA-approved process that uses cold water and water pressure to eliminate potential pathogens that cause food and beverages to spoil such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria without the use of chemical preservatives. Unlike heat pasteurization which can destroy nutrients and change the flavor profile of a product, HPP ensures quality, taste, and texture while extending shelf life.

Where is hpp used?

High Pressure Processing can be used on a variety of fresh foods and beverages and the product categories continue to grow. Products in their final packaging are placed into a vessel then into the HPP machine where it is then placed under 87,000 psi of isostatic pressure for anywhere from one to five minutes. Final pressures and hold times vary by product. 

Who we are

Hydrofresh HPP, now a part of Universal Pure, is a High Pressure Processing toller located in Delphos, Ohio. We take food and beverage manufacturers product that is in its final packaging and run it through our HPP machine. We can provide additional value-add and logistics services. There is also 15,000 SF of cold storage warehouse space in our facility. 

HPP News & Resources

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